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Gwaun Helyg Road, Ebbw Vale


No. Homes


Linc Cymru



Dec '20


This development is the result of the collaborative approach between Pendragon (Design & Build), Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council, Welsh Government, Linc Cymru, and Y-Prentis which totals 72 new homes at Gwaun Helyg Hilltop, Ebbw Vale.

The properties are a mix of one-bedroom apartments and two, three and four bedroom homes, which also include four adapted homes, designed to help a specific group of residents to maintain personal independence, improving well-being and quality of life.

The adapted homes are the first UK social housing properties to include the Guildmann hoist wall to wall partition system. This innovative feature requires less structural work and is designed to seamlessly lift and move user through multiple rooms, thereby allowing greater freedom of movement. Another ‘first’ is the open plan ‘inclusive’ living space in each adapted property, which allows the reconfiguration of the ground floor to suit individual living needs. All homes are future-proofed, so should the properties need to change they can be adapted to meet their requirements.

Throughout the course of this development, Pendragon worked closely with Y-Prentis to ensure career opportunities, training and work experience for individuals within the local community.

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