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Heol Cae Defiad, Maesteg


No. Homes


Valley to Coast



May '14


The development was commissioned with the purpose to home a specific group of V2C residents, whom all had varying needs of living assistance. With the design, assisted equipment and technology provided, this would help these residents maximise their wellbeing and quality of life.   

This consisted of a fabric first approach, addressing key issues within the build sequence which included increasing insulation efficiencies, improving glazing specifications, and omitting as much heat loss through air leakage as possible throughout the development.

As part of this development, we are also contracted to carry out the alteration and making good of any public footpaths and roads disturbed on or adjacent to the boundary of the site. These works were carried out to the satisfaction of the Local Authority.

Throughout the course of this development, Pendragon worked closely with Y-Prentis to ensure career opportunities, training and work experience for individuals within the local community.

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