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Marine Hotel, Barry


No. Homes


Newydd Housing Association



Nov '15


A development consisting of 12no. new build apartments and 8no. bespoke apartments. The site is located on the former Marine Hotel and car park formerly run by Brains Brewery.

The new build elements are in the car park grounds and the bespoke elements were in the converted hotel itself. A very challenging project in a tight and restricted site bordering on two busy roads and a bus route with existing residential properties on all sides.

The apartment design incorporated large glazed bay window panelling to maximise natural light. The refurbished Marine Hotel was a challenge in itself as the whole building was carefully re-designed to accommodate 8no. bespoke apartments.

The works to the basement were extensive as new sleeper walls were introduced to facilitate new load bearing walls for the upper floors. The basement was mass filled with structural concrete amounting to over 200m3 in several layers. The upper floors were stripped and renewed incorporating new stud partitioning, separating walls, floor coverings and new staircases.

During the contract period Pendragon built up close links with the local community to ensure disruption during the build process was kept to the absolute minimum and explored local employment over the period.

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